01 May 2017

Singapore📍Little India's Colorful Side

As part of our itinerary, from Changi Airport I and my travel buddies headed directly to this vibrant side of Singapore – Little India.

Travelling to different world is easy in Singapore because of their fast MRT. In less than an hour or just minutes of following the green, blue, violet or red route of their MRT is never a hassle. It’s our first time exploring Singapore, but we located their colorful Little India easily using MRT.

We were really amazed how fast, clean and efficient Singapore’s way of transportation, that even at the train we enjoyed our travel. Thanks to SMRT we’ve explored Little India without getting lost.

From old structures, shops, garlands, houses and temples, different flashes of colors give the place lively atmosphere. Head towards the blue housing we stumbled across Tan Teng Niah House. This is the most colorful structure I’ve noticed in the place. This is where I, Shyne and Love took our first instagrammable photos.

There is an eatery just at the right corner of Tan Teng Niah House. The eatery has colorful chairs which Love told me “March picture dali, ang ganda” (March hurry take a picture it is so nice). Of course, I took it because that’s one of the reasons why Little India of Singapore is alive.

We continue walking and we’ve crossed different murals painted with dynamic colors.

Walking down to Serangoon Road we’ve reached Sri Veeramankaliamman Temple. We went inside and removed our footwear. NOTE that if you are visiting a Hindu Temple always removed your footwear, turn off the phone and be silent, dress modestly and be respectful. Even taking picture, we have to ask if it is allow because some of the temples in Little India don’t allowed photographs inside. Sri Veeramankaliamman Temple has payment of SGD 3 if you’re going to take picture inside.

Going back to SMRT for our next spot, we had our quick stop at the another temple in the place named as Shree Lakshminarayan Temple. It is a conserved building with distinctive red and white patterning on its façade. The women in the community visited the temple every Tuesday to perform worship and offer fruits and flowers.

I felt like I was in the local neighborhood with colorful surrounding, street foods and calm environment. I know Singapore has many much beautiful places to visit but my advice for you is to take some time to visit this historical place of Little India. Try their foods, be curious, wander and never forget to charge your phone and camera’s batteries and take more photos. Enjoy! ;)

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  1. I've been to Little India and yes the place is really colorful. Nice photographs!

    1. Hi Jim, I agree with you! Thank you also for taking some time to read my blogspot ;)