05 May 2018

Trilogy Hike in Rizal

I always been into hiking adventure. If a friend ask me to do a Hike my reply would be  a big fat YES!

It was in the middle of rushing everything on site,  because we were on the completion stage of our project in Benguet, but when my good friend named IVY  invited me to do a TRILOGY HIKE I said YES without hesitations. GORA hindi ko naisip pa na matatapos ko lahat ang dapat ko tapusin basta pupunta ako LOL! 

Our Itinerary

I never did a TRILOGY HIKE ever since in my entire life, so when IVY  invited me to do it, I grabbed the opportunity.

Since this is my first TRILOGY HIKE experience, I also want to share it with you our simple itinerary as a simple guide if you want to try it too :)

Binacayan (424 MASL)
Pamitinan (426 MASL)
Hapunang Banoi (517 MASL)

1AM - Meet Up Farmers Cubao Jollibee
2AM - ETD going to Wawa, Rizal
4AM - ETA Brgy. Wawa Jumpoff
430AM - Start Trek
7AM - ETA Mt. Binacayan Summit
8AM - Descent
9AM - ETA Mt. Pamitinan Summit
10AM - Descent
11AM - ETA Mt. Hapunang Banoi Summit
1130AM - Descent
230PM - ETA Brgy. Wawa Jumpoff / Late Lunch / Explore Wawa Dam
430PM - Washup
530PM - Departure
8PM - ETA - Farmers Cubao Jollibee

Trekking Gear
Flashlight / Headlamp
Mosquito Repellant
Mineral Water 2-3Liters
Extra Clothes
Trail Foods
Pack Lunch

The Experience
When we arrived at Barangay Wawa Rizal, we gathered in a nipa hut around the registration area and started our morning in Barangay Wawa with a little chit chat and getting to know with our trilogy hike companions; which is very important of course in a group to let us know who are left behind or lost during the hiking. They are all new faces to me except IVY and I am glad I knew them even in the trilogy hike. It took us around 45 minutes. After that we left the registration area and started our trek.

First Mountain: Binacayan Summit

I’ve searched about the three mountains in our trilogy and some articles mentioned that the level of hardness is just around 3 to 4 out of 10, but from my experience it’s like 5 or 6 honestly. I never expected that the trails around the three mountains in our trilogy hike were that challenging.

Mount Binacayan is a rocky mountain to hike that’s why I have always my hand gloves with me. It’s summit is at 424 meters above sea level. It took as an hour to reach the summit. The main features in Mount Binacayan are as mentioned the rocks or the different rocky formations and the breathtaking view  of Sierra Madre and Rizal Province. FEELS LIKE I’m  ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD when I got there. All the exhaustion and tiredness to reach the top were all so worth it upon witnessing all the  views. Only my eyes and heart could tell how refreshing they are. Many has told me that every mountain is the same and there’s nothing I could get there but body pain. When I had my OFFICIAL MOUNTAIN CLIMB in MOUNT ULAP at itogon Benguet, that was the most time I started to love personally to hike. Since then I always wanted to hike more mountains as long as I could because hiking mountain is for me is like conquering my own fears. YUNG AKALA MO DI MO KAYA PERO KAYA PALA!


For me every mountain has its own way of expressing how great and wonderful this world we are in. NATURE IS ALWAYS THE BEST. Nature gives us always a refreshing and happy feeling that wild cities could never provide, so we SHOULD handle it with extra love and care.

Second Mountain: Hapunang Banoi

Off to our second mountain was the Mount Hapunang Banoi. After descended the first mountain we had the Mount Binacayan. We had our short break and headed directly to Mount Hapunang Banoi. Compare to Mount Binacayan this mountain has TOO MANY ROCK FORMATIONS. My companions in the trilogy hike really took their time to take great shots on those formations. As for me, their time taking selfies was my time to rest and catch up with the beauty of the surroundings we're at. I also took some pictures on some of the formations but not all just for memorabilia. 

Mount Hapunang Banoi is the highest mountain in our TRILOGY HIKE. The mountain’s summit is at 517 meters above sea level. It took us around 1-1.5 Hours upon reaching the summit. Its main features are same those different rock formations and the gorgeous view of Rizal and Sierra Madre in Mount Binicayan.

Third Mountain: Paminitan

Our team decided that Mount Paminitan would be the last mountain to hike in our TRILOGY HIKE  SERIES because it is just on the other side of Mount Hapunang Banoi. So after hiking Mount Hapunang Banoi and had a short break at those they commonly said “SEVEN ELEVEN” in the mountain we headed to Mount Paminitan.

The SELEVEN ELEVEN I’m talking about are the food and souvenir stores in between the jump off of Mount Hapunang Banoi and Mount Paminitan.

The first ascending part of Mount Paminitan are all ROCKS as in super O.A’ng mga bato. Upon climbing those Rockies, I and my companions in the hike thought that what we did was like a rock climbing and not hiking.

Mount Paminitan is a rocky mountain to hike that’s why, I have always my hand gloves with me. It’s summit is at 424 meters above sea level. It took as an hour to reach the summit. The main features in Mount Binacayan are as mentioned the rocks or the different rocky formations and the breathtaking view  of Sierra Madre and Rizal Province. Dito yung SUPER AGAW BUHAY NA MGA POSE kasi pag kunting maling galaw mo lang sa main rock sa summit ay good bye Pilipinas na. But of course I really have to try too so I did just for the experience but with super careful and with the cross finger that I won't get fall.

I would love to hear any thoughts from you, kindly share that in the comment section below. And if you like this post, never hesitate to share! Remember to share love and not hate ^.^

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  1. Woooow what a great experience! The pictures are so cool! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

    1. Hi Agnese and Elissa thanks for dropping by and for your sweet comment ;)

  2. Wow ang ganda ng view!!! Na miss ko tuloy mag hiking!

    1. View that take your breath away Ella! Ang daming magaganda kaya sa Cebu, I saw your insta post ;)