26 November 2017

Heritage Buffet Restaurant and Cafe

When traveling never ever overlooked the best part of all, F O O D  T R I P !!!

22 November 2017

Life Lately √ 02

ASEAN visit here in the Philippines Again! So it is another time of the year to relax from the hassle and bustle of workloads.

06 November 2017

Thailand 📍Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

If you are a child at heart, you can never go wrong in visiting Cartoon Network Amazone while you are in Thailand. For me it is one of the cutest things to visit especially if you want to chill in and enjoy the colorful place with family and friends. Aside from the other famous and beautiful temples and places being visited in Thailand, Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park which is properly located in Pattaya Thailand is also the most well-known unique place to explore. Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park is one of Thailand’s largest water parks. The park is themed around the characters of the Cartoon Network TV channel. 

09 October 2017

Vietnam 📍Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minh

It was a privileged to visit another temple in other country which recognized its real culture and history. This temple I am talking about is the Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thien Hau Temple is located in Saigon’s China Town at 710 Nguyen Trai Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. Cholon is the local name of Saigon’s China town; and this place is not only being visited by many tourists for the goods and foods but also commonly visited because of this Thien Hau Temple.

01 October 2017

Vietnam📍Saigon’s Night Markets

Shopping for souvenirs is always part for travelers. From key chains, ref magnets and pouches, that are common items to bring at home for good friends and family. Night market is always a good place to find good items for souvenirs plus a good time to encounter the cool weather at night rather than fighting the heat of the sun while shopping. While I and my good friends had the time to visit Vietnam for the first time recently, we never neglected the chance to explore the night markets around Saigon. Well as part of our planned tri-country adventure, we included night market in our lists so stay tuned for more blogs coming up for our recent adventures outside the country.

21 September 2017

Life Lately √ 01

Life lately was more about life changing activities which opened my eyes about those things I was so blinded or would I say "vague" to me before. It starts from deep thoughts to accepting the real life situations, which then reminded me so much how to let go and let God for everything. To make things better and quite refreshing I did thought of some important stuffs that could make me feel well and could lift me up.

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