15 August 2017

Photo Diary Volume. 2: Day Hike

When I heard the place Benguet, first comes to my mind are the cold weather, vegetables, pine trees and beautiful mountains – So Greeny! As a girl who has given the opportunity to be in the place, I could say I am blessed to experience and to see for myself how lovely Benguet is. I am always thankful I got the chance to travel even with a little time. One of the best experiences I have in the place is to do hiking. First hiking experience I had was climbing Mount Ulap, and to tell you the experience was really great. I’ve describe that hiking experience as the Best Feeling Ever!

11 August 2017

Bukidnon­čôŹQuezon's Overview Nature Park

Quezon Bukidnon is not just the sugarcane capital in the province of Bukidnon. Apart from its capacity to supply goods in the region the municipality has its own unique beauty that aspires travelers to come. From mountains, natural resources and humble people, the place also has this Nature Park that became a famous tourist spot.

31 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹHow to Explore El Nido

Among all the places in the Philippines, El Nido is one of the best. My visit and stay in the place was quite unexpected, reason why I was able to explore this heartwarming place in Palawan Island. The place is wildly known for its white sand, beautiful beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, crystal clear water and warm people. Currently, El Nido has been included as one of the beautiful beaches in the whole world according to CNNgo! To give you some background, the succeeding are my ideas about the place.

28 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹSafest Taraw Adventure

Palawan an island of Philippines is no wonder one of the best islands in the world. You can appreciate both those small and big details of the island if you’re really into exploring the place. My visit and stay in this island brought me many realizations, not only about the place but what is really meant by wandering – a word usually associated to travel. In this post I’m sharing to you one of my adventures in El Nido Palawan. This diary is not about island hopping which is the place is famous but a sort of trekking adventure that you never thought also well heard in El Nido, so here it is!

26 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹPostcards: Sunset of El Nido

Sunset is one of nature’s creations that I truly love about our Mother Earth. As the sun sets, it makes me feel calm and easy. Like, worries and problems are setting down together with the sun and a new promise is about to come.