27 August 2017

Benguet­čôŹAmbangeg Trail of Mount Pulag

When someone told me that I couldn’t do this or that, that’s the time that my eagerness to achieve a thing I really wanted to do gets stronger.

This was happened to me and my co hiker and a work colleague as well, Flori. Negative vibes we’ve heard from people who thought negative to this adventure never hindered us to climb Mount Pulag. Even the unexpected weather condition seemed did not agreed on our plan to conquer Mount Pulag. But it doesn’t matter at all because we have the positive spirit that the weather will be calmed and we believed that everything’s going to be okay.

25 August 2017

Zamboanga del Sur ­čôŹFirst Visit Ever

When I visited the province of Zamboaga del Sur for the first time, what I have noticed first are the huge area of rice fields and those calm towns.  

20 August 2017

Mountain Province­čôŹUnexpected Sagada Jaunt

It was like, “Saan tayo pupunta ate?”, “Kailangan ba?”, “Tuloy pa ba tayo?”, “Ayy, ‘wag nalang tayong magpunta.’” Haha sounds crazy. Until, I packed my things, took a jeepney outside the camp and tadah! I've reached the bus terminal. I saw the signage of the buses... “SAGADA”. So, tuloy pala talaga kami! 

15 August 2017

Photo Diary Volume. 2: Day Hike

When I heard the place Benguet, first comes to my mind are the cold weather, vegetables, pine trees and beautiful mountains – So Greeny! As a girl who has given the opportunity to be in the place, I could say I am blessed to experience and to see for myself how lovely Benguet is. I am always thankful I got the chance to travel even with a little time. One of the best experiences I have in the place is to do hiking. First hiking experience I had was climbing Mount Ulap, and to tell you the experience was really great. I’ve describe that hiking experience as the Best Feeling Ever!

11 August 2017

Bukidnon­čôŹQuezon's Overview Nature Park

Quezon Bukidnon is not just the sugarcane capital in the province of Bukidnon. Apart from its capacity to supply goods in the region the municipality has its own unique beauty that aspires travelers to come. From mountains, natural resources and humble people, the place also has this Nature Park that became a famous tourist spot.