15 August 2017

Photo Diary Volume. 2: Day Hike

When I heard the place Benguet, first comes to my mind are the cold weather, vegetables, pine trees and beautiful mountains – So Greeny! As a girl who has given the opportunity to be in the place, I could say I am blessed to experience and to see for myself how lovely Benguet is. I am always thankful I got the chance to travel even with a little time. One of the best experiences I have in the place is to do hiking. First hiking experience I had was climbing Mount Ulap, and to tell you the experience was really great. I’ve describe that hiking experience as the Best Feeling Ever!

Last Saturday, I, my boss and our chief surveyor planned to do a day hike. The planned day hike was actually part of my job to take photographs of our current project in Benguet as update for our monthly progress report, but I never imagined that the hiking experience turned out to be exciting for me. Well, I guess maybe because I longed to hike more mountains. Kicking-off some mountains in Bukidnon like Mount Dulang-dulang and Mount Kitanglad are on my bucket list, but sadly the planned last July got canceled because the mountain were closed because of the martial law. But thank God this hiking around Tuba Benguet to San Roque Dam Eco Trail made me the happiest kid!

This is only a two to three kilometers hike not that long compared to typical hiking trail and adventures, but again it made me the happiest. We started the trail at Tuba Benguet where our project site located, passed through some parts of San Roque Dam Eco Trail and turned down to get the best photographs of TSF3 Spillway Raise Project.

 Chief Surveyor – Errol looking at the lovely view

Me running down from a 60 degree slope of the mountain

Trying to cross the dead tree

Mountain View plus the stretch of river to San Roque

San Roque Dam Eco Trail

Lovely Mountain Flowers

Reaching the front view of TSF3 was a relief! We had 30 minutes rest under a pine tree with the spillway as our view. I also tried to climb the tree and thanks to Kuya Errol he lifted me up to the tree branch. No hassle!  ^.^

Feeling a pro tree climber lol!

TSF3 Spillway Dam

The trail awakened the dull body of me that’s been longing for more hiking adventures like this. You might think this is just a simple jaunt, but I love this unexpected trip. How about you? What adventures are you always longing to do? I would love to hear any thoughts from you, kindly share that in the comment section below.


  1. Love the foggy blue tones! ­čö«­čÖĆ


  2. It looks so nice! Beautiful photos!


  3. These photos are breathtaking! Love the view and I adore hikes like this.


  4. I love to walk in nature and I did mountaineering for many years. Due to injury I stopped for a while but hope to return soon. The missing that those photos give me of these adventures!

    Coco and Jeans by Marisa x My Instagram x My Bloglovin

    1. So sad to hear that Marisa, but I know in time you will get back and enjoy mountaineering like before.
      Thank you for dropping by ;)

  5. super pretty pictures! looks like a great place to hike! so fun!


    1. Thanks Kelse! It was indeed a lovely hike ;)

  6. Wow, what gorgeous photos. Lovely hike.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Such incredible views, thank you so much for sharing doll xx


  8. Looks like a great time. Gorgeous photos. I especially love the composition of the second shot.

    Kara Aragon

  9. These views are breathtaking adn the pictures are amazing too!


  10. Gorgeous photos!


  11. These photos are just stunning!!!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  12. What a scenic view, great photography

  13. Wow! Amazing! So beautiful! Such an adventure!

  14. WOOOOOWWWW March!!!! love it i am also a Trekker, n love mountains.Its best thing in the world to explore new places, specially Mountains :)
    I m following you, hope to see u back https://clickbystyle.blogspot.in/

    1. Great feeling when I'm on the top of the mountain! Yeah sure I will follow you back ;)



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