21 September 2017

Life Lately √ 01

Life lately was more about life changing activities which opened my eyes about those things I was so blinded or would I say "vague" to me before. It starts from deep thoughts to accepting the real life situations, which then reminded me so much how to let go and let God for everything. To make things better and quite refreshing I did thought of some important stuffs that could make me feel well and could lift me up.

💕I continue my routine of walking and meditating everyday even in a few hours
💕Prepared myself for an exam. Though it’s not easy to study while working at the same time, I just took the opportunity to do so for me to forget those unwanted events that had happened. I think this is also a good start to think better things for myself.
💕 Do crochet and study how to do the different patterns
💕Start doing journals
💕Listing down things that I really wanted to do and would make me happier and reviewing my bucket list.
💕 Listing down things I want to achieve next year
💕Editing pictures of my past travel journeys and adventures
💕Finding some nice books to read in bookstores
💕Thinking deep thoughts about personal life
💕Reading articles on how to start a small business at home
💕Been hooked in watching Filipino Movies -  Kita-Kita and I love You from the Stars and Back
💕Preparing for my next travel outside the country

I am very positive that everything will do so well especially if I will let GOD do the thing for me. Nothing is impossible! Instead of soaking myself too bad about what had happened, God show me the brighter side on how to make myself stay positive and be courageous. I am glad to share to you guys the glimpse of what’s happening lately in my life. Till next life lately series – Love Yah!


I would love to hear any thoughts from you, kindly share that in the comment section below. And if you like this post, never hesitate to share. Remember to share love not hate ^.^


  1. Let go and let God. ;)
    Lovely photos.

  2. Your photos are awe-inspiring.😃 I can say I've opened my eyes to accepting real life situations- my mum went to visit Grenfell Towers yesterday(if you don't know, it's the high-rise block of flats in central London which were burned down) and she saw just how mortifying the site was. It really opened my eyes to... appreciate every single moment.😔 Anyways, lovely post,btw. Thanks for sharing.😊✌

    #sweetreats xxx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks dear! We should give appreciation to even to those little things in life ;)

  3. Lovely post! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

  4. I have so many journals that I am currently writing in now. It really helps organize everything!


    1. That's why I decided to write blog series like this Kim ;)

  5. I love how these pictures were edited. So vibrant and full of life! Also, I love the list that you recapped. Some of these things I also practice on a daily basis.