07 October 2016

Mindoro Oriental📍Unique Taste of Naujan

Aside from tourist spots that could be found in Naujan, I tasted some of its unique and/or better stated as Ëxotic Foods  they are proud of.

Naujan  is one of the municipalities of Oriental Mindoro. I was able to visit this place because of work purposes. Staying on this place for about a year and 2 months gave me the chance to explore the place and taste their delicacies.

They loved to cook a “Kakanin”. First on the list is their “Suman sa Lihiya”. This type of kakanin is made from “Malagkit” or rice and this is best paired with a “Latik” and wrap with the leaf of banana. Latik is made from coconut sap added with sugar and heated and cook under exact heat.

They are also known in making rice cake wrap with the leaves of a coconut tree. In Mindanao we called it Ibus but in Naujan they just called it as Suman.

It’s my first time to eat a  Kohol. “Nakakain pala yon?” I thought to myself. The recipe is called Snails in Coconut Milk Recipe or in Filipino commonly named as Ginataang Kuhol.

In Naujan, Ginataan is famous type of recipe. Different Ginataan recipes are common to them aside from Ginataang Kuhol, they also loved to cook Crab in Coconut Milk.

In Ate’s Restaurant located in Poblacion, Naujan, I tasted their best Halo-Halo. Their halo-halo is not the typical halo-halo with ube, ice cream and beans, but it has only two main ingredients, milk and lecheflan. And to tell you two ingredients give a boom, it was really tastes good. 

These are among of those good foods in Naujan and there are more. If you're able to visit Naujan, Oriental Mindoro never miss out to try everything. Remember Good foods bring good mood. Enjoy Eating.

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