31 October 2016

Good Taste Café and Restaurant

Want an affordable restaurant that gives you the best taste when you’re in Baguio City? I recommend Good Taste Café and Restaurant.

When it comes to good tasting Filipino foods and delicacies, Good Taste Café and Restaurant can guarantee you that. This restaurant has two branches within Baguio City. Branches are located in Rajah Matancia St. and in Carino St. Baguio City operating 24/7.

On my first try at the restaurant, I’ve noticed customers were really lining up (including us). I thought if I have this kind of restaurant in my place, I’ll be so blessed. Imagine people are really patient to fall-in-line just to be in the restaurant. From the name itself “Good Taste”, foods are truly taste good plus it’s affordable.

Among of its best-selling delicacies are:

1. Fried Siomai and Shanghai Lumpia
2. Chop Suey
3. Fried Chicken
4. Crispy Pata
5. Pinakbet
6. Sweet and Sour Pork

The Restaurant also offers Combo Meals like:

1. Good Taste Fried Rice
2. Beef Curry Rice
3. Lechon Rice
4. Steamed Chicken Rice

Desserts like Halo-halo, black forest cake, egg pie, carrot cake are among of its best sweet tooth favorites are also being offered in the restaurant.

If you’re a certified adventurista and a traveler in Baguio City never squandered the Good Taste that Good Taste Café and Restaurant could offer, this is an economical choice and a best Filipino food court that taste good.

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