21 September 2017

Life Lately √ 01

Life lately was more about life changing activities which opened my eyes about those things I was so blinded or would I say "vague" to me before. It starts from deep thoughts to accepting the real life situations, which then reminded me so much how to let go and let God for everything. To make things better and quite refreshing I did thought of some important stuffs that could make me feel well and could lift me up.

04 September 2017

CebušŸ“Terrazas de Flores

There are many things to do in Cebu and they are many to mention it here lol. I got the chance to browse my memory files last night and I crossed with my old files about Cebu City and that then led me to a nice visit in one of the gardens in Cebu City named Terrazas de Flores. This garden is quite new in Cebu that’s why we never heard this a lot compared to Sirao Garden which is always seen in most instagram post. 

01 September 2017

Mindoro OrientalšŸ“Things to Do in Puerto Galera

Simply, traveling is the greatest escape. May nabasa nga ako sa social media regarding traveling quoting “Traveling – nagpapatunanay na hindi lamang umiikot ang buhay mo sa opisina.”