10 May 2017

Singapoređź“Ť China Town: Jampacked with Countless Things to Do

Let say Indians, Koreans, Filipinos or Chinese name them all they are many in the famous Lion City – Singapore. It is a city jam-packed with different cultures. That’s why if you travel in Singapore it feels like you’ve been into different places with different cultures at the same time.

While visiting Little India we bumped into different dynamic colors, China Town of Singapore on the other hand let us experienced the Chinese Cultures. Historically the town is the settlement for many Chinese immigrants who arrived during British Colony and there are really many things to do in the town. This place of Singapore is the touristy spot among the others. People are visiting China Town for shopping basically for thrifty shopping of pasalubongs (souvenir items), for food trips, tourist spots and temple hopping. You can never be completed to your trip in Singapore without visiting China Town because the town really offers many worthwhile places to visit.

Exploring China Town is never an old thing for me and my travel buddies. We all know that Chinese are around the globe especially in Asia. Go to Malaysia, Hongkong, U.S and to Philippines, China Town is present. But visiting Singapore’s China Town is somewhat a different thing for me and my travel buddies’ Shyne and Love. Crossing different streets with our heavy bagpacks still made our goals on visiting the town and did the things we wanted to do at the place and here are the list of some of the things we did and visited in the town. 

Chinatown Heritage Center. The place will educate us more about Chinese culture wherein also we found different old houses that features the artifacts and relics of old China Town.

China Town Street Markets. We bumped into different souvenir shops upon searching different favorite spots in China town at their Street Markets. Plenty of affordable souvenir items can be found in the whole stretch of the street from tourist t-shirts, pouches, key chains, ref magnets and literally everything you can buy there.

Sri Mariamman Temple. We were actually looking for the Tooth Relic Temple when we bumped into this Hindu Temple inside China Town. Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore and is similar to  Sri Veeramankaliamman Temple in Little India.

China Town Food Street. This is a different part of China town wherein different foods could be found not only Chinese foods. Dining in Chinatown is a must thing to do to experience the full package of visiting the town. I and my travel buddies spent a little time on the food street and since the weather was very hot (because it was late afternoon) we tasted their unique Halo-Halo.

Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple. Love wore sleeveless dress, I with a short and Shyne on an above the knee dress and funny we were supposedly went directly inside the temple but a temple guide approached us and gave us cloth to cover our skin. It’s a Buddhist temple and like any other sacred places let’s be modest and pay respect. We wore the cloth and got inside and observed how Buddhist pray and offer prayers. They are like singing in the whole ceremony with monks leading the devotees. Their temple is really colorful. It is cover with color gold and red.

At the entrance portion of the temple there is a big pot wherein devotees could offer candles. But their candles are not the same with what Catholics commonly used; it is a thin stick with scent.

China Town Visitor Centre. After visiting Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple we had our short glimpse with this centre where different Singapore Map could be found inside and features explanations of the history of Chinatown.

Singapore’s China Town offered me and my travel buddies a unique travel experience just like Little India. I never been into China but visiting the China Town feels like I already visited the country. If given some other time to visit Singapore, I would love to visit China Town again. It was a whole lot of Chinese thingy experience that let me thought of me a kind of Chinese as well in our visit.


This travel diary is a part of our Singapore 2017 Adventure. I hope you love the photos and inspire you to visit Singapore too. I would love to hear any comment from you, kindly share it below.


  1. I was inspired by your travel.
    I hope I could travel Singapore as well.
    By the way, nice captures! :)

    1. Thank you Elaine ;) wishing you as well more travel journeys