17 May 2017

When March Falls

This travel journey was a history already but I love to write it down here the summary of our visit and adventure in Cebu last March and what my base off got. It was two (2) weeks of being off in my work and the time gave me the chance to do the things I really wanted for my birth month.

It was a chance to travel Cebu again after I had it last 2013. Travelling to Cebu was actually my birthday getaway together with my family. I booked our tickets too early of last year to get the cheapest air fare. I told my mother regarding my plan with this get away but she’s not that excited hearing my plans because the month for the actual said event was the busiest month for them. She told me not to be with us on the trip and let my father go with us instead because she will be the one managing our little farm JEEZ! My father wanted to sacrifice his time for this but my mother insisted not to do so because she actually visited Cebu many times. I knew it was just an alibi; I knew she really wanted to be with us but she let my father do the visit in the city for him as well to visit his relatives. It was past thirty (30) years when my father visited the city and my mother knew that my father would be happier if he can visit them. This is what being a true mother means; you have to sacrifice everything for your family. I love you mother!


I got home from Benguet after a two day travel and the journey was really tiring. But I made it possible for the planned getaway. I had a two (2) day rest at home from the day I arrived. I did cleaning the house, washed my dirty clothes and most importantly I got packed my things and my father’s clothes for our Cebu Trip. My mother also prepared some small foods for my birthday on the 8th. I told my mother not to prepare because I’m not used to celebrating and preparing foods on my birthday when I started leaving the house for my college life and now for work. My work involves assigning me into different places so I honestly not a fan now of having a cake or foods on my birthday, oh yes! Call it typical but not an old fashion in a way. But you know mothers they are the most lovable persons on earth, they made things extra especial.


Before leaving for the trip my super mom left us words of wisdoms and some dos and don’ts about the trip especially to my father lol. I was together with my father who traveled to Davao and there we just met my sister who was come from CDEO from work. My mother was left at home and promised that she can handle everything. We were excited including my mother ;)

My sister was busy taking pictures at the plane cause this was her first flew in a plane. She loved to travel as well if time permits she told me. She was new in her job so she’s kind a serious not to get more absents so she can get an early transfer to other school near at home. She’s by the way a young and petite teacher at 23.

We arrived in Mactan Cebu as early as five (5) am, too early for our scheduled time of arrival. We headed directly to my father’s cousin in Mactan. They had spent half day of talking since it’s been a while when my father visited them. After had lunch we directed to our accommodation. We took a ferry boat from Mactan to Cebu City instead of taking a jeep or a bus because of traffic. And my sister was the happiest because she loved to ride a boat.

My father’s cousin accompanied us to our visit at Basilica del Santo Niño and Cebu’s Cathedral. We lighted candles, attended the afternoon mass, had a sight-seeing and dinner with him.


We woke up early in the morning just to travel going to Oslob Cebu. We headed to south terminal and took a bus. My father was with us and Jeronie, so no worries on waking up early for the trip. Our main reason on visiting Oslob was to see those amazing whales and also got the chance to swim with them. I will not go into detail about this adventure because it is on my other blog – Swim with the Whale at Oslob. The adventure was new to us so everybody was so happy. My father was at first afraid to see those gigantic whales at the bottom of our boat but later he got down from the boat and saw it in person.


After we had our Oslob adventure, we used our spare time to visit our relatives in Mabolo. My father confirmed that he still did not forgot the exact place where their house was, so no hassle, we found it directly. I and my sister met them for the first time personally and we were glad meeting them. They invited us to attend the mass since on the next day it was Sunday. We attended the mass at Redemptorist Church.


The mass gave us a revitalizing mood to explore Cebu. They offered us to give us a ride to explore what’s on our itinerary.

First on the itinerary was visiting Temple of Leah (here for the blog)

Before heading to the other spot, we had a lunch at Lantaw located near at Temple of Leah. This restaurant has three (3) branches in Cebu, Lantaw Busay, Lantaw SRP and Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova. When you talk about food trip in Cebu this restaurant - LANTAW always comes first in mind.

Second the Terrazas de Flores. This is also new in the place which has a 100 pesos entrance fee. The place was covered with different ornamental plants, roses and there is a café on the top. It is a cute place actually. When I posted picture about the place I tag Terrazas de Flores and I found out they have an IG account that features photos of their place and the people who visited them. It is a good place for photo shoot.

Third the Sirao Garden (here for the blog )


Our relatives also took us to the new SM mall in the city – SM Seaside. The mall is likely the same with SM Aura in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City. There’s a garden on the top and outside at the main entrance there’s cube color silver representing the SM group of companies.

Hopping within the city for good and nice places to visit, led us then to Fort Santiago (Here for the blog) after our relatives dropped us at Basilica del Santo Niño. The place was truly calm and a good place to relax. One thing about the visit was that it gave us historical view of Cebu. Nostalgic!

Hungry tummies stroked us after, so Larsian to the rescue. After four (4) years, I had visited Larsian again Yay! Larsian is located at Fuente Osmeña in Cebu City proper. Filipino style barbeque is the main course of the restaurant especially seafoods. Many visited the place especially during night time.


Visiting a never seen uncle and auntie in Balamban was the last trip we had in Cebu. It was also a new place to visit in Cebu for us. We prepared ourselves early in the morning and took a van at Ayala Mall. We journeyed within three (3) hours upon reaching this new place. Balamban is one of the provincial areas of Cebu that is where simple way of living could be found.


Before going to Mactan airport for our flight back to Davao, we had a short visit to its historical place at Lapu-Lapu City (in Mactan) wherein Magellan and Lapu-lapu fought. I know everyone knows the history of why they fought lol ;)


Exploring Cebu again was totally great especially it is because I’m with my family. After got home from the jaunt, I had a one day rest at home and again packing my bag again for work. Before heading back to Manila, I already allotted another one (1) day for the processing of my new PRC license. I never thought that processing the license was that fast. Within half day I got my new license ID and thank God I still had the time to meet some of my good friends in the city.  It was also another time to go around Cagayan de Oro after a year of not visiting it.


It’s been a While CDeo! This was my IG caption when I took a picture of C.M Recto Avenue when I crossed the overpassed of Ayala Mall and Gaisano Mall. During my last visit I haven’t seen the two malls connected with an overpassed, at last they made it! Anyways, it’s been a while that I also haven’t met my good friends in the place. I called up some of them who were not busy from their work. And I was still blessed I got to meet four of them. Lol

First, I bumped into my high school friend who was that time in Cdeo to attend family gathering and I was glad I’ve seen her after a long time. It was just a short exchanged of “Hi” and “Hello” but at least.

Next, was visiting Megan the master of crafts and DIY’s. All I could say she is really a good and true friend. We were a college classmates and I got to know her better when we had our C.E. board review in Cebu. I visited her shop and got amazed how she handles her business and at the same time working as an Engineer in a firm. Thumbs up to this successful woman!

On the last minute, I also had some time to meet two (2) of my colleagues who used to work in the firm I am currently hired. We had a couple of serious talks about what’s happening in our lives these days and had dinner.


They said “Time is precious” that is why as much as possible TRAVEL, EXPLORE and COLLECT MEMORIES. I am glad I had spent my 2 weeks off from work in most valuable things. I got to travel with family, I got to explore and met good people in my life. Thank you Lord, more journeys like this please!!!

How about you what are the things that made you so accomplished these days? Share your thoughts in a comment below 😊