31 May 2017

Malaysia📍Explore Kuala Lumpur in One Day

Petronas Tower

Shyne, Love and yours truly at last reached Kuala Lumpur after eight (8) hours of travel via train from Singapore.  It was not supposedly our exact itinerary to be in Kuala Lumpur because we had planned to visit Legoland of Malaysia. But since audacious feet stroke us, we diverted into exploring other part of Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur!

Happy feet

Our main goal in visiting the famous city of Malay was just to have a picture with their famous Petronas Tower. Yes! It was a simple wish of ours who have been given the opportunity to visit other country aside from Singapore within 3 days.

Early Morning Rain while going to KL

KL Sentral Station

At the train, we finally thought to ourselves we were near at Kuala Lumpur because from a station before reaching KL Sentral there were really many Malaysians getting into the train (Malaysian of course because were in Malaysia lol). But the funniest thing about our excitement on getting at KL was that from station to station we waited for Petronas Tower to show up. One of the things I never forget was when Shyne told me “Inday lantawa, naa na ang Tower nagpakita nah! (Look girl the tower show up!)” and me?  Jezz!!! ^.^

Sunrise to KL

How we got to KL Sentral from Singapore?

It was our first time to ride a train in Malaysia and the scene was transferring to other country from a country in just one day. So how we did it? First thing first, never hesitate to ask questions. When we're younger our mother told us never talk to stranger but when you’re in doubt – ASK! But just a friendly reminder, always be careful to people you’ve asked for and try to be keened as well because you don’t know her or him exactly (stranger) so better try not to ask a suspicious one, you might get trick.

Passport stamp - Exit - Entrance to Malaysia

Asking was one of our bullets aside from Mr. Google to reach Kuala Lumpur and thank God we got through safely. We headed to Woodland Singapore from their touristy China Town via train and from there we got down and took a bus with route number 950 going to JB Sentral.

Bus Schedule:

The bus took us first to Woodland Immigration or Woodland Checkpoint, where we had our passport stamp for the exit. We then took the same bus number and swiped the card we bought at Singapore’s airport for the fare. The card was covered our 3 days fare payments when we ride a bus or train around Singapore for SGD 30. Since Woodland is still part of Singapore we had the chance to use it and gave us the ride to reach JB Sentral for our entry in Malaysian Immigration.

Woodland Checkpoint

At the lower level of the station we bought our train ticket going to Kuala Lumpur, but unfortunately we got the last trip of 10:30 pm as expected. We thought there would be a straight travel via train to Kuala Lumpur but the blog I’ve read I guess, mistaken or maybe the station changed their routes or systems because what we had was a cutting trip from JB Sentral to Gemas and then Gemas to KL Sentral, it’s not a straight trip from JB Sentral to KL Sentral. If I remember correctly the ticket was around 70 RM equivalents to nine hundred plus in Philippine peso.

To Train Ticketing Office 

Train Going to Gemas, Malaysia

Train from Gemas to KL Sentral Malaysia

It just felt like we were only in the Philippines when we arrived at KL Sentral the only difference was that there were really many Muslims in the station wearing their long sleeves and dresses. Kuala Lumpur is a city dominated with Islam, no wonder Muslims are everywhere, followed by Buddhism, next is Christianity and lastly Hinduism.

Tall Buildings Outside KL Sentral Station


When we got outside the train station, we were puzzled if there were buses coming in and out near the station, since we did not seen anyone we took a taxi going to Batu Caves. Compare to Philippines, KL don’t have jeepneys instead they have a lot of taxis roaming around the stretch of their highways and streets. But, they also experienced heavy traffics like in the Philippines. We were lucky that when we visited the city we only encountered minimal traffic because it was Sunday. Other mode of transportation that is famous in the city in travelling is through train.

Kuala Lumpur Cleared Highway on a Sunday

High Streets of KL

Hindu temple around Kuala Lumpur

Hiking to 222 Steps Batu Caves

A Batu cave is located in Wangshu, Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia and this spot became our first spot for the day. The cave was commonly visited by Hindus. (More pictures on my blog about the cave.)

Gigantic Lord Murugan at entrance part of Batu Caves

It challenged our knees and legs in order to be on the top. There were a lot of people holding their breath just to witness want’s inside this famous Batu Caves of Malaysia. Others carried a two (2) rectangular stones, one (1) on the left and another one (1) on the right. Hindus believed that it is an additional sacrifice to carry them while climbing the 222 steps.

Other set of steps inside Batu Caves

Lovely feathers sold outside the cave 

Exploring Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden Legend

Malaysia Cartoon & Comic House

Long day still stretches the enthusiasm we have to visit another place in KL. Our taxi driver recommended us to visit KL Botanical Garden. The garden is formerly known as Taman Tasik Perdana. There is no entrance fee. Features inside are deer park, different flowers and ornamental plants, Malaysian Comic Center and a lot more.

Chocolate Kingdom

After chill-in at Botanical Garden we decided to go and find a place where we could eat our lunch. It was already past three (3) pm that time when we left the garden and took a taxi outside the garden. Taxi became our close friend in KL because of our heavy bag packs. And the most blessed thing about it was all of the taxi drivers we had were really nice to us, they acted like a tourist guide. One of them has a Filipino girlfriend. He enthusiastically shared his story how they met and how nice his Filipina girlfriend is. We were kind a fluttered because the three of us are Filipinas. We had fun talking to him and he was so accommodating to us. He actually shared his mobile hotspot so we can access the internet for free.

 Entrance of Chocolate Kingdom

I want to live here! lol!

We've changed our plans again haha silly us, we decided to visit Chocolate Kingdom instead before having our late lunch. Chocolate Kingdom has really a lot of tourists busy buying chocolates and witnessed how the chocolates are made in the stores. We also bought our chocolates at this famous chocolate shop as pasalubong.

Exploring Suria KLCC Mall

After got amazed to many yummy chocolates at KL’s Chocolate Kingdom, we headed to Suria KLCC  Mall to eat our super late four (4) pm lunch. We asked the taxi driver where we could eat yummy foods at affordable prices aside from KL’s China Town and he told us that at the third (3rd) floor of the mall there we could find different foods.

We knew that were in Malaysia but we still chose to eat Bibimbop and Ramen, a Korean foods. I will surely visit Malaysia again so that time would be food trip galore.

Actually the mall has many famous brands stall and if you’re a shopaholic I think Suria KLCC Mall is the best for you. We’ve found an Anello Bag inside the mall and we were honestly got tempted to buy it. Unfortunately, the color we three (3) wanted doesn’t have stocks so we decided to buy at Singapore when we get back.

Kl’s Twin Tower

Kuala Lumpur is one of the famous places in Malaysia, this city is the center of Malaysia. Have you heard about the Twin Tower? If yes, then good! It is known as the Petronas Tower that is found in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the tourist spots in KL that is most likely the most crowded aside from their China Town especially during night time.

 Petronas Tower

The sun slowly setting down and people were crowding in front the Petronas Tower. There is a dancing fountain in front at the tower where different people from different country (the tourists) which like us spend their leisure time to relax and witness it.  We waited for five (5) pm for the sun to completely setting down but we’ve noticed around eight (8) pm was the exact time that Mr. Golden Sun disappeared. We laughed to ourselves because, Hey? We’re not in the Philippines anymore we're in different time zone already.

Dancing fountain outside Suria KLCC Mall

 The trio 


Short, unexpected, not your typical travel journey or call it whatever you want was our first adventure in Malaysia, the most important thing is that we have photos of Petronas Tower at our back lol. Seriously, the journey was a total packaged of both adventure and misadventure that are worth to keep.

'Till for our next adventures

I would love to hear any thoughts from you, kindly share that in a comment below. ^.^

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  1. Hi March, We've also experienced the same, tried crossing to KL from SG & explore in 1 day. We only took a bus on a night trip straight to KL. We thought that the last bus stop would be KL Sentral pero lumagpas pala kami, I've noticed na 8 hrs na kami sa bus & have not yet reached KL where it should only be 5-6 hrs drive, so we headed back to KL taking another 2-3 hrs. In short, Petronas & Mall lang napuntahan namin coz we run out of time & we need to catch our bus trip sked in the afternoon back to SG. Charge to experience. And our consolation is at least we also do have a photo of petronas tower on our back. Haha.

    1. Ahaha true Miss Juliard, but at least we have the photos of Petronas Tower. I think when visiting Kuala Lumpur for the first time, this tower should be visited because this is the highlight of the city lol. Anyways, thank you po for dropping :)