29 April 2017

Explore Singapore & Kuala Lumpur: 3 Day Sample Itinerary

“Go! Go! Go out in your shell!”  - I always heard this phrase when I was younger. Maybe because people noticed me as naive and always have own space that’s why they thought I have too. Like, Go March and explore!

17 April 2017

Baguio CityšŸ“Glance To Our Short Trip during Panagbenga Festival

Upon checking my facebook page today, I realized I never made a blog post yet for our short trip during last February’s Panagbenga Festival, so to account our little spree with Baguio's Flower Festival I wrote this one. Its better late than never right?

11 April 2017

CebušŸ“Fort San Pedro

It’s never too late! These are the best words I could describe to our visit at Plaza Independecia and Fort San Pedro in Cebu last March. Quarter to four in the afternoon when I and my family decided to have a quick visit at Fort San Pedro. We were dropped by our relatives at Basilica of Santo NiƱo after they had toured us to some part of Busay Cebu. Kenneth, a good family friend of us who worked in Cebu City told us to visit Fort San Pedro. And since my father was still up to going somewhere in the city we visited the said fort.

01 April 2017

Ilocos SuršŸ“Travel Back in Time at Vigan

I and my friends had a great time visiting Ilocos Norte last February. It was an unexpected travel adventure. It was an escapade with no planned itinerary to check but we were still so blessed because the unplanned adventure did succeeded. To make the story short it was not your typical travel trip, but spell out the word happiness? That’s what we truly felt. We really enjoyed the trip and for me that was one of the best travel experiences I had last month.