05 December 2016

Albayđź“ŤFiguring Out Legazpi

Trying to figure out where I would be after unpleasant week.

It was a gloomy day in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. I wasn’t sure if I could make it, but after lag moment in a fast food chain I decided to go. Travel time. I took I fast cat from Calapan Port going to Batangas City. I don’t know exactly where to ride heading to Albay, so best thing I did was asked the guard where I could ride a bus. There is a bus station near Batangas Port, it is just right outside the gate at the port and there I took a bus that has the signage Manila, and just stopped in Santo Thomas, there, I was able to take the last trip. It was a 12 hours ride for 600 pesos. I don’t know where is Albay, so I wasn’t shy asking people around where I was until I arrived in Ciudad Nin Legazpi. And then at last, it was a pretty long travel though. Yay!

Where to Stay?

First thing I did was to look for a hotel where could I leave my things. I asked my friend who’s been to Legazpi before, he advised me to go at Magayon Hotel, but unfortunately there’s no available rooms that time. So no choice, I have to look for another place to stay. Since the city of Legazpi is not a huge city I found it easy to find other hotel that fits my budget. I found my place at Legazpi Tourist Inn rates are from 600 to 1,500 pesos.

Famous Places to Visit

I took a jeepney going to Cagsawa. Cagsawa is part of Albay where everyone could see the perfect cone volcano of the Philippines, it is the Mayon Volcano. The Mayon is an active volcano rising at 2,462 meters. The town was destructed during the eruption of Mayon during year 1814 and the Bell Tower of the town remains and now became famous as the Cagsawa Ruin. The ruin was the famous tourist spot in Albay. It became the favorite spot for picture taking. There are locals who offer their talent in taking picture to give you a nice shot of the ruin and give them any amount for a tip.

Going back to the city, one of the passengers asked me if I was new in their place. I said YES. She suggested me to visit the Daraga Church. She guided me where's the church. It’s not far from Cagsawa, I just took a jeepney again going to the town of Daraga. The church which the lady suggested to me is the Nuestra Señora de la Porteria Parish Church locally known as Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church. It is a catholic church built by the Franciscan Priest and became the relocation area for the people of Cagsawa who were affected by the eruption of the Mayon.

Where to Eat?

Albay is famous for its spicy foods. In the city of Legazpi, a restaurant named Colonial is famous in the city. It is where for the first time I tasted Albay’s Sili Ice Cream. The ice cream has different level of spice which is from level 1 to 4. Colonial Grill is located in Rizal Avenue , Legazpi.  Spicy Laing, Bicol Express, Pinangat and liempo are among of the famous dishes being served in the restaurant.

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