11 August 2017

Bukidnonđź“ŤQuezon's Overview Nature Park

Quezon Bukidnon is not just the sugarcane capital in the province of Bukidnon. Apart from its capacity to supply goods in the region the municipality has its own unique beauty that aspires travelers to come. From mountains, natural resources and humble people, the place also has this Nature Park that became a famous tourist spot.

Overview Nature Park is located in Brgy. Kipolot, Palacapao Quezon Bukidnon that’s overlook the beauty of the municipality’s both mountains and plain green fields. This park is just along the highway, so you can have a quick stop when you’re going to Davao or going to Bukidnon. The park is commonly visited by travelers in and out the province. Some bring foods and spend time at the park and have picnic.

There is no entrance fee in the park. It is free, so everybody can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Quezon. The park not just gives the view of the municipality’s green fields but it also features sculptures of indigenous peoples purposefully arranged in montages in many parts of the park. The sculptures around the park pay tribute to the seven major tribes inhabiting in the province of  Bukidnon namely: Matigsalugs (people along the Salug River), Bukidnons (people from the lowlands), Tigwahanuns (people along the Tigwa river), Umayamnuns (the inhabitants along the Umayam river amidst the Pantaran mountains), Talaandigs (people from Talakag, Songco, Kibangay and Basak), Higaonons (people who come from Agusan), and the Manobos (people whose spread has been noted to be great in Kalilangan, Pangantucan, Kitaotao, Kibawe, Kadingilan, Don Carlos and Quezon). That’s why as a visitor you’ll appreciate the place as it is a countless recap of Philippines’ miscellaneous culture.


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  1. It's so beautiful! I love the view!


  2. What a beautiful park! It's so green! The statues are pretty cool too.

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  4. Fantastic landscape, I love these statues! 🔮🙏


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  6. Wow. Everything looks so lush and colorful. I haven't been to Bukidnon but it looks great from your photos!