31 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹHow to Explore El Nido

Among all the places in the Philippines, El Nido is one of the best. My visit and stay in the place was quite unexpected, reason why I was able to explore this heartwarming place in Palawan Island. The place is widely known for its white sand, beautiful beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, crystal clear water and warm people. Currently, El Nido has been included as one of the beautiful beaches in the whole world according to CNNgo! To give you some background, the succeeding are my ideas on how to explore the place.

28 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹSafest Taraw Adventure

Palawan an island of Philippines is no wonder one of the best islands in the world. You can appreciate both those small and big details of the island if you’re really into exploring the place. My visit and stay in this island brought me many realizations, not only about the place but what is really meant by wandering – a word usually associated to travel. In this post I’m sharing to you one of my adventures in El Nido Palawan. This diary is not about island hopping which is the place is famous but a sort of trekking adventure that you never thought also well heard in El Nido, so here it is!

26 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹPostcards: Sunset of El Nido

Sunset is one of nature’s creations that I truly love about our Mother Earth. As the sun sets, it makes me feel calm and easy. Like, worries and problems are setting down together with the sun and a new promise is about to come.

24 July 2017

Palawan­čôŹAmazing Subterranean River Park in Puerto Princesa

“Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time, Keep Nothing but memories”

Yes indeed, I’m a solo adventurista this time but I fully enjoyed every moment being one, just to see the Underground River!!!

20 July 2017

Korean Palace: Kung Jeon


In just an hour of driving from the project site at Itogon Benguet, I and my officemate arrived in Seoul! Isn’t it amazing?

14 July 2017

Photo Diary Volume 1: 2016 Unexpected Journey

Life is full of surprises and this is how I picture life's beauty through my lenses! Proudly presents to you my first volume of photo diary. These are my unexpected travel journey that taught me how to wander, how to be strong and how to find real happiness despite of these life imperfections (the first batch ­čśś). So here it is the sneak preview of my memorable journey last 2016.

11 July 2017

Malaysia­čôŹ272 Steps Batu Caves

Lord Murugan

When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur (a city in Malaysia), first question of my travel buddy Shyne was “Inday, what’s our first destination?” and I responded, “Batu Caves”.

01 July 2017

Benguet­čôŹPostcards from the Project Site

Overview of TSF3

Little by little I begin to appreciate how uneasy to be on a naive site, I mean far from the city, trees are everywhere, goats and cows are many and the project itself. But opposite to it, seriously the surroundings I’m in now let me appreciate the beauty of simple life in the province even on its being naive.