27 November 2016

Tagaytayđź“ŤCity with Cool Scenery

One is not enough; there are more adventures out there waiting for you to catch.

21 November 2016

Manilađź“ŤSnapshot in BGC

Going out on my shell again afternoon of Sunday, #SundayFeels, I decided to unleash my photographer skills in me, haha. Honestly, I got bored so I decided to go out and walk outside the pane. BGC is the nearest nice calm place I know that is good for working this boredom I have, so I spent my whole afternoon walking and walking around and along the streets of the district.

07 November 2016

Letting go doesn’t mean you give up

Letting go doesn’t mean it’s over, it doesn’t mean you give up.
It simply means that you want to make things better. It just means you want to start things right. It means you want to stop the battle inside your heart that made you feel so sad and empty. It simply means you want to live at peace and lively again.