07 November 2016

Letting go doesn’t mean you give up

Letting go doesn’t mean it’s over, it doesn’t mean you give up.
It simply means that you want to make things better. It just means you want to start things right. It means you want to stop the battle inside your heart that made you feel so sad and empty. It simply means you want to live at peace and lively again.

Letting go doesn’t mean you’re weak because you stop the battle. But instead it just means that you’re strong and you’re ready to face life with a brighter and positive perspective. Letting go doesn’t mean you’re pretty fine already, but it means you’re ready to forgive and forget. It is just a way to move on.

Letting go doesn’t mean you’re giving up and you’re not fighting anymore. It’s just, you realized there are more in this life that are much valuable and are worthy for your courage.
Letting go doesn’t mean you’re helpless. It means that you’re hopeful for better things to
 come. It means trusting the best plans of God than yours. It means you’re wise now and can be much wiser.

Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t love someone anymore. It just means you stopped holding on to someone who doesn’t want to fight you back. It means you stopped the hurts inside. Letting go means letting go of someone you've been holding so badly that you forget you became stupid chasing for that someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate your worth.

Letting go is a sign of strength. It’s not a way to escape pains, but made you think that holding on is not a good sign of strength at all times. Sometimes letting go is a powerful weapon to teach you to accept things wholeheartedly.

Letting go is a best way to start over again, it doesn’t mean it’s over. It means you’re awake now from a deep sleep of false truth. It is a chance to love yourself enough and realize how much better you deserve the best.

Letting go doesn’t mean you give up!

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