26 November 2017

Heritage Buffet Restaurant and Cafe

When traveling never ever overlooked the best part of all, F O O D  T R I P !!!

In Baguio City there are plenty of restaurants you can enjoy with from simple to sophisticated.  As a food lover, I never forget the food trip part. Being in the province of Benguet for almost two years already is a chance to explore the other side of the city with their foods.

Variety of foods from different locality and nationality are unavoidable and all around Baguio City. You can never go wrong in visiting Baguio City if your trip is FOOD. Good Taste Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Baguio and if you remember I wrote a  blog entry about the restaurant because I was amazed on how big the restaurant is; wherein its 6 stories building is all full with customers EVERYDAY at yung iba nakapila pa sa labas.

But let me share with you another restaurant in Baguio you can truly enjoy, and this time this is a buffet restaurant. Located at 136 Kisad Road, Abanao Ext. Corner G. Del Pilar St, Baguio, 2600 Benguet is Heritage Buffet Restaurant and Café, the best buffet restaurant you could try in the city. You can taste different cuisines just in the restaurants from Japanese, Korean or Filipino local foods for 398 pesos per head (you can eat all you can).

            Lunch Buffet – 11:00pm – 2:00pm
            Dinner Buffet – 7:00pm – 9:00pm

I and Jeronie got the chance to re visit the restaurant last week and we were actually already planned about it few months ago lol why not?  His favorite food picks are the local lugaw, calderita and sisig! Mine are the little cakes and the caldereta.

For Filipino picks they have the pinapaitan, kare-kare, sisig, oysters, grilled fish and chicken inasal
For Japanese picks are the different types of maki and sushi
For Chinese picks starts from Siomai, pancit guisado, glass noodles
For Korean picks come from different ramen
Let’s go to Italian picks that’s starts from cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and pastas.

If you’re done with the main course, you can try on their different cakes for desserts which come in different flavors. My favorite is the little carrot cake. YUM!

There are three beverages you can choose from iced tea, pineapple and orange. For appetizers they have there the calamari, potato croquettes and bruschetta.

So there they are! I hope you will try the other part of Baguio City with their foods escpecially this Heritage Buffet Restaurant and Café, a place that offers variety of taste around the globe. Bon Apettit!


I would love to hear any thoughts from you, kindly share that in the comment section below. And if you like this post, never hesitate to share! Remember to share love and not hate ^.^


  1. Haha, I'm the exact same way - food is one of the best aspects of travelling to new places! ;)


    1. Can relate? haha true Gabrielle FOODS always first in the list ;) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. woah This post is surely making me hungry girl thanks for sharing..
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  3. It looks like a great place! :)
    Agnese & Elisa

  4. Wow this looks like exactly the type of food I would love!

    District of Chic

  5. This looks like a great and diverse place to eat at!


  6. Food is indeed one of the best parts of traveling! I hope to visit Baguio again soon. The last time I did was more than 10 years ago.

    1. Agree! I hope you’ll find time to revisit Baguio again Rea, there are new stuffs to explore the city.

  7. oooh I'm a good lover too and this gave me lots of cravings! Stunning pictures!


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