22 November 2017

Life Lately √ 02

ASEAN visit here in the Philippines Again! So it is another time of the year to relax from the hassle and bustle of workloads.
Wright Park
Special Strawberry Taho

November 13-15 of last week was the exact scheduled dates of the ASEAN visit, so I also grabbed those days to unwind. Metro Manila was very free from traffic during those days and me as "touristing", all I could say ang daming tao sa Baguio City! Parang lahat ata sa Baguio nagpunta. Knowing Baguio City is one of the prime targets for holidays like ASEAN, I’ve still chosen the city to spend the holidays for two reasons:

First: Baguio City is just an hour away from our project site in Itogon, Benguet
Second: I've been working in Benguet for almost 2 years already and before I leave  I decided to explore those tourist spots I've visited before and wasn’t visited yet.

Happy Feet

One of my favorite human beings was with me for the holidays and that made me the happiest kasi nga we are blessed we could see each other at least 3 times a year. We are in an LDR situation and that is hard and epic lol. But when we see each other after a long time, we are the happiest and might be the craziest.

The Mansion
Wooden Bridge inside Botanical Garden
View from SM Baguio
Igorotak Murals around Baguio City
Gorgeous Hanging Plants in Botanical Garden
Session Road

The holidays were well spent with the buddy I have and I realized when couple travel together you discover many things about each other. This is our first travel together as a couple and I hope we could still do more travels together like this in the future. 

Colorful Horses in the City
Cute St. Bernard 
Into the Woods
Colorful View when the sun is Down


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  1. Asian looks gorgeous! So many beautiful photos and landscapes hun xx


  2. Building memories by travelling with your partner is really one of the best thing. I can relate too.hehe!

  3. These places look so magical! :)
    Agnese & Elisa

  4. Three things I adore:
    1. Baguio
    2. Your outfit here!!!
    3. Your perspective on relationships and traveling together.

    This post is so feel good, I love it!

    Moongirl Blog