11 April 2017

Cebu📍Fort San Pedro

It’s never too late! These are the best words I could describe to our visit at Plaza Independecia and Fort San Pedro in Cebu last March. Quarter to four in the afternoon when I and my family decided to have a quick visit at Fort San Pedro. We were dropped by our relatives at Basilica of Santo Niño after they had toured us to some part of Busay Cebu. Kenneth, a good family friend of us who worked in Cebu City told us to visit Fort San Pedro. And since my father was still up to going somewhere in the city we visited the said fort.

Passing through the busy Plaza Independecia, we became quite alive. It was Sunday and there were really many people at the plaza. At the center of the plaza there were people dancing Zumba while others enjoyed listening to debates and flip top.

A busy and lively plaza indeed, but going back to the main scheme of this travel diary we’ve crossed the plaza in order to get into the entrance gate of Fort San Pedro.

The fort has two sides facing the sea were defended with artillery and the front with a strong palisade made of wood. It has a total inside area of 2,025 square meters. It is triangular in shape wherein sides are of unequal lengths and the one fronting the city is where one may find entry into the fort.

*This is the entrance gate wherein at the top there is a small replica of Santo Niño.

I’ve thought the fort has no entrance fee but I was wrong. “Wala naman diay libre karon? hahaha. There is a Php 30 entrance fee for adults, Php 25 for senior citizens, Php 20 for students and children.

We went first to Vivienda del Teniente.  The area is now serves as a gallery of the old photos of Cebu. Going back to its history, Vivienda del Teniente was used to be the quarter of lieutenant or teniente of the fort.

My father went out first from the gallery and sat down at one of the cannons were mounted in their emplacements. He was actually tired but he never told us. He did followed what my mother told him that he must go with the flow and enjoyed. And I’m happy he did not complain about me and my sister’s trip. 

That area is where we found the largest building inside the fort named as Cuerpo De Guardia. That was the building where good personnel of the fort lived.

*My sister enthusiastically tried to open the locked windows of Cuerpo De Guardia.

*We were also decided to have a snapshot at those big windows.

*This is the inner court that is now an open air theater where you can immediately see the Plaza Independencia.

There are also others doing photo shoot at the fort. Others like us came to wander and learn something new about the queen city of the south. A little time as well gave me and my family to take a short break at the open air theater at the fort and enjoyed the views. My father did enjoyed students have their military practice at the park. I was happy seeing my father relaxed and enjoyed the place even at our short and unexpected visit at the fort.

This visit at the Fort San Pedro completed the Sunday we had after a solemn mass and exploring Busay Cebu. Definitely a part of travel we will never forget. To end this diary it would best to say - Cebu City the Queen City of the South is truly LOVE. We really all enjoyed the province of Cebu and I will certainly never get windbag in coming back.




  1. Your photos is so amazing and the shoot is so lovely.