17 April 2017

Baguio Cityđź“ŤGlance To Our Short Trip during Panagbenga Festival

Upon checking my facebook page today, I realized I never made a blog post yet for our short trip during last February’s Panagbenga Festival, so to account our little spree with Baguio's Flower Festival I wrote this one. Its better late than never right?

Our eagerness to experience the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City just started last year when I and Flori read post updates about the upcoming festival. We were so excited…until the actual day didn’t met our expectations. Yes, Pity us! We had planned to wake up early, dress up and show up happy for the float parade but unluckily we didn’t made it. Flori did have a scheduled concrete pouring on the night before the event. I also had project billings and reports to do so we both returned to our accommodation late at night. Haha so this was the big fat reasons why we haven’t seen the float parade we’ve been always wanted to see. Some things just happened unexpectedly just like this, but it’s all right, maybe it’s not yet our time ;)

But a happy soul still made our day to experience Panagbenga Festival even so badly we haven’t seen the float parade. There was a display of all the floats at Melvin Jones Grandstand near Burnham Park. At least at the grandstand we’ve seen those lovely and colorful floats. Here are some of the floats at the grandstand.

We also used our spare time to visit Burnham Park and tried to eat some of those mouthwatering street foods. 

In case you like to know :)  Panagbenga Festival or the Festival of the Flowers of Baguio is an annual festival in Baguio held throughout the month of February. Panagbenga the word means, "during the growth, flowering period." Aside from different lovely flowers being displayed and presented during the festival, bright bursts of fireworks, night markets, street dancings, concerts, float parade and more are also being showcased.



  1. Looking at you pictures, I guess you two did a happy day! Lovely photos dear!