29 April 2017

Explore Singapore & Kuala Lumpur: 3 Day Sample Itinerary

“Go! Go! Go out in your shell!”  - I always heard this phrase when I was younger. Maybe because people noticed me as naive and always have own space that’s why they thought I have too. Like, Go March and explore!

After I passed my board exam, got my license, started working and was assigned to different places far from home, there my wandering heart got exploded. I had my first solo travel in Legazpi, Albay where the perfect cone Mayon Volcano located. After that one I got hooked into exploring and discovering new things which equates to TRAVELLING.

I fell in love with the Philippines (my beloved country) and started exploring its own beauty. And every time I discovered new places I would love not to stop exploring them all. If only I have more time in this world to just travel and travel with a lot of money to support my enthusiasm in travelling maybe I’ve explored them all. But I’m an ordinary travelista who dream to travel more around my beloved country and across the globe and the one who is trying to figure out life’s wonderful adventures with my approved leave or base off from my boss in order to travel with budget good enough to explore a certain place. That’s why if you’ve read my birthday post, I wrote there that I equate travel to work. 

This year really became my target to try travelling outside my mother land. An international trip that made me thought of many things like, Do I need a big budget for that? How many days do I need to spend in order to travel all those best spots? How much money do I need in order to survive there? How about visa? Haha really a lot of things! Until, one morning my colleague invited me to visit Singapore this April. She luckily booked a promo fare in Cebu Pacific. To be exact she booked a round trip ticket amounting to Php 4,846.63, so lucky right? I know there are many promo fares that are much cheaper compared to what we had booked that Cebu Pacific Airline offers. All you have to do is just to be more patient.

When I posted photos on instagram, one of my friends commented “March share mo blog on this trip”, so why not? I, Shyne and Love did a simple itinerary for our first international travel. Since Love did have 3 days approved leave, we fitted all those spots (in our mind) in our 3 day itinerary outside the country. To compile our itinerary here it is.


10:30 AM Arrival in Changi Airport
11:00 AM Little India
12:00 NN Visit Sri Veeramkaliamman Temple
01:00 NN China Town Heritage Centre
02:00 PM Visit Sr Mariamman Temple
03:00 PM Eat at China Town Food Street
03:30 PM Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum
05:00 PM Travel to Woodlands
05:30 PM Eat at Halal Eatery in Woodlands
06:00 PM Travel to Woodlands via 950 Bus going to immigration clearance
07:00 PM At the Immigration for exit going to malaysia (1 hour or more depending on the number of people)
08:00 PM  Via 950 Bus going to JB Sentral for Malaysia Imigration (1 hour or more depending on the number of people)
09:00 PM Buy ticket at JB Sentral
09:30PM Wait for train going to Gemas
10:30PM Travel to Gemas from JB Sentral Station


3:30AM Arrival in Gemas, Malaysia
7:30AM Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10:30AM Arrival in KL Station
11:00AM Visit Batu Cave
01:00PM Explore Kuala Lumpur’s Botanical Garden
03:00PM Visit Chocolates Kingdom
04:00PM Eat at Suria KLLC Mall
05:00PM Explore and Shop at Suria KLLC Mall
06:00PM Wait for the sunset at Petronas Twin Tower
08:00PM Dancing Fountain In front of Petronas Twin Tower
09:00PM Picture Taking and Site Seeing around KLLC Garden
10:00PM Travel back to KL Station


01:00AM Travel back to Gemas, Malaysia
03:00AM Arrival in Gemas, Malaysia
04:30AM Travel to JB Station from Gemas
08:30AM Immigration clearance – exit in Malaysia
09:30AM Immigration for stamp going to Singapore
10:00AM Travel to Woodland Immigration for Stamp to enter Singapore
10:30AM Travel to Woodland SMRT Station
11:00AM Eat
12:00NN Visit Geylang
01:00PM At Accommodation to rest a bit and clean up
02:00PM Visit Orchard and Takashimaya
03:00PM Visit Sentosa Island
04:00PM Visit Esplanade
05:00PM Visit Merlion Park
06:00PM Dinner at Marina Square
07:00PM Visit Marina Bay Mall and Casino
08:00PM Visit Gardens by the Bay

I hope it would help you and give you some ideas to make your own best itinerary ;)
I would love to hear any tips from you regarding the city, kindly share that in a comment below.


  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your itinerary :)

    Claire - http://itsclairebaldueza.tumblr.com/

  2. Thank you Claire :)
    I hope it would help

  3. I have read all your entries on Singapore-Malaysia trip and sobrang helpful as I'm working on my SG travel itinerary! Thanks March! Keep exploring! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jansell ;) I am so glad my blog entries could help you.