31 October 2016

Good Taste Café and Restaurant

Want an affordable restaurant that gives you the best taste when you’re in Baguio City? I recommend Good Taste Café and Restaurant.

26 October 2016

Misamis Oriental📍Postcards from Silent Balingasag

Short visit in the silent municipality of Balingasag gave me a Polaroid.  Balingasag is one of Misamis Oriental’s municipalities in the northern part of Mindanao. It is a third class municipality having calm scenery and many resorts to enjoy with. It was year 2010 when I first visited the municipality because of a voluntary work. Farming and fishing are two of the majors’ way of living in the place. People are simple and hospitable. Here are the glimpse of my quick visit. 

07 October 2016

Mindoro Oriental📍Unique Taste of Naujan

Aside from tourist spots that could be found in Naujan, I tasted some of its unique and/or better stated as Ëxotic Foods  they are proud of.

Naujan  is one of the municipalities of Oriental Mindoro. I was able to visit this place because of work purposes. Staying on this place for about a year and 2 months gave me the chance to explore the place and taste their delicacies.

They loved to cook a “Kakanin”. First on the list is their “Suman sa Lihiya”. This type of kakanin is made from “Malagkit” or rice and this is best paired with a “Latik” and wrap with the leaf of banana. Latik is made from coconut sap added with sugar and heated and cook under exact heat.

7 Day Nature Photo Challenge

Social media nowadays has great impact on influencing users in so many different ways. As many as those who believes that social media places dirty thoughts to both young and adults and even uses it for others bad agendas and attempts like scams and fake advertisements of products and agencies. I believe it has a positive implications and impacts as well. Good humors, happy thoughts, inspirations, aspirations, Holy Scriptures, adventures, natures and talents are also featured in what we are so in now the “Social Media” and to name some of it; Facebook and IG (Instagram) are two of the famous.

04 October 2016

Manila📍Sunday for Bisita Iglesia

Bisita Iglesia they called is my kind of Sunday today. And for the record I visited 3 churches in Manila with my good friend whose very patient with my trip this day. The first church I visited was the San Sebastian Church.
San Sebastian Church