08 March 2018

My 26th Year Begins Today

There are things in life that are beyond our control. As for me, if I couldn’t handle it I let God in control and be in- charged, BE THE CAPTAIN! Siya naman talaga ang may control ng lahat, that is why in every decision I make, I pray to Him to help me always and to come up with good and right decisions.

Life never comes easy so we really have to be strong and stand still. This year, my life goals involve challenging myself to be better and to do things that I never done before #takingrisk. Kasi minsan nga ang buhay parang sugal din yan eh. I think it’s not bad to try out something new.

My life at 26 begins today! This would be another journey to take, more crazy people to meet, new adventures and more mature decisions to make.

So far, I am happy of my experiences #mylife. There were a lot of both good and bad things that happened. I’ve met different people with different personalities from different phases of this life; some were too good, some were “goody-goody”, some were too silly and did stupid things in my life, so in a way I did stupid things too, Akala ba nila? Lol! I’ve been also to different places for the first time, that kills my pocket hahaha my parents knew about it and they are not agree with it lol! But hey, are we forgetting that life is meant to be spent with people in new places which may include our loved ones and coming up with good adventures and memories? Happiness not comes from material things alone. For me, life is not just about exploring for photos for memorabilia but more than that, LIFE is about COLLECTING MEMORIES and EXPERIENCES; and uses those memories and moments to become a better person.

I was been so naive way back then but the good thing is I’ve learned how to fight and out in my comfort zone, because there is a big world out there. Thanks to those good friends and people in my life, they helped me truly to be comfortable to reach out and face the big world. To those who I disappointed, I’m sorry but I’m not perfect. My life is not about facebook and instagram posting happy thoughts and stuffs, which you may think I’m leaving a happy and stress free life. Like any other girls out there in their 20's, I work hard not just to get what I want but also to pay my own bills and for my family. This life is not meant to be perfect all the time. Sometimes best things are those born with imperfections and those at least expected. I don’t want to live a life full of expectations. I just want to live my life as “me”. I heard a lot from others, both good and bad, but I don’t care.

This life is never been that “all” rainbows and cupcakes, just like what you’ve seen in my post #happylang, also this is mess up with hard times, but I’ve chosen to be positive and to fight to whatever it may be #labanlang.

This is my random birthday post. Shout out to my 26th year! I am so glad God gave me another year to live. Enjoy lang this life! I owe everything to you Lord!

P.S. To those who keep on following and supporting this little blog of mine, Thank you so much guys ^.^ and may God Bless us all. 


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