30 January 2017

Happiness Comes from Within

The real happiness really comes from within. We can truly find happiness when we truly embrace positivism. It’s actually hard for us to engage to real happiness especially when hatred, insecurities, jealousy and bitterness are all within ourselves. So to start engaging the word H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S just within ourselves, we have to let go all those negativeness inside us. Remember that we ourselves are only responsible for our own happiness not anyone else. Don’t depend your happiness to anybody ‘cause there are many ways to indulge ourselves to it.  It’s up to us now how we can rock it.

26 January 2017

Pangasinan­čôŹPatar Beach in Bolinao

It took me and my colleague 6 hours from Baguio City to reach the little paradise of Bolinao Pangasinan. It was really way too far as I imagined but to reach such hidden beauty of the place, long trip doesn’t matter at all.

21 January 2017

Baguio City­čôŹPlaces to visit and things to do

Baguio City is famous as Philippine’s Summer Capital, and the freezing temperature is one of the reasons why people really wanted to visit the famous city of Cordillera. While you’re in the said city, there are many nice places to visit and things to do while enjoying the place. The following are the well visited and explored so check this out.