21 January 2017

Baguio Cityđź“ŤPlaces to visit and things to do

Baguio City is famous as Philippine’s Summer Capital, and the freezing temperature is one of the reasons why people really wanted to visit the famous city of Cordillera. While you’re in the said city, there are many nice places to visit and things to do while enjoying the place. The following are the well visited and explored so check this out.

The Burnham Park          

If you love biking and boating Burnham Park could deal you that. There are boats with different designs that you can rent. You can pick the swan-designed boats if you have children coming along during your visit. You can rent a boat for 120 pesos and a bike for 50 pesos.

Philippine Military Academy

Philippine Military Academy is located in Fort del Pilar on Loakan road. This is open to visitor who wants a historical view of Philippine Military. Inside views, welcome visitors the military drill area and training ground, the military school and the different military equipment.

Botanical Garden

Different botanical plants and a part of Cordillera’s culture are the features inside the Botanical Garden of Baguio City. No Entrance Fee needed, but, notice the Igorots just at the entrance part of the garden come nearer to the tourist and approach to take pictures with them for an exchange of any amount as a tip. Sounds different right? But it would be a big help for them, so why not give them back some tip? It’s always right and better to give than to receive.

Inside the garden you can also rent an Irogot Costume and head dress that is only at 20 pesos. Try to wear it and feels like you’re really a native of Cordillera.

Visit the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

Located in La Trinidad Benguet, just an hour ride from Baguio City, there is this Strawberry Farm that is the highlight when you hear about Baguio City. You can do strawberry picking at the farm at 400 pesos per basket. At the entrance area, there are souvenir shops that you could buy T-shirts printed with Baguio City or City of Pines, key chains, “pasalubongs” like strawberry jam, ube jam and lengua de gato.

Try Session Road's Street Foods

Baguio City is commonly visited because of its cold temperature and because of this many students came from other country came to study. When you’re walking along session road, you can notice many Koreans who are like Filipinos already. For such, there are many stall of Korean street foods you should never miss out along session road. Try Kim pop, dumplings, kimchi, kimari and cactuge.

Experience the Night Market

Crowded Harison Road gives you some enthusiasm to buy clothes and shoes at very affordable prices during Night Market. Trend setter and outfit viewer enjoyed the Night Market in the stretch of Harison Road that is closed from all vehicles from 9pm until 2am. Assorted street foods are also many during night market. As long as there’s no rain the Night Market is always welcome every night.

Visit The Mansion

Just in front of Wright Park is where the location of “The Mansion” in the eastern part of the city along C.P. Romulo Drive.  The two story building is the official summer residence of the president of the Philippines wherein inside there is a small museum which you could find the memorabilia of Philippines’ former presidents.

Buy Pasalubong at Good Shepherd Convent

Walking distance from Mines View Park you could find Good Shepherd Convent. The place is famous because of its different pasalubong products that are sold at affordable prices. Before heading home you can have a short visit and buy their popular product like ube jam that cost 210 pesos for 12 ounce and 350 pesos for 24 ounce.

Enjoy the Cool Scenery of Camp John Hay

Embrace the calm beauty of Camp John Hay while in Baguio City that is located on the south eastern side of the city. Its Main Gate is now located on Loakan Road. The place is the former rest & recreation facility for American soldiers in Asia. There are hotels, golf course, boutiques and restaurants around the place so you can fully enjoy the stay at the Camp while experiencing its cool ambiance.


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