01 December 2016

Mindoro Orientalđź“ŤUntold Places of Naujan

Town for Every Juan – the famous tag line of Naujan, Oriental Mindoro! This municipality is a simple place within Oriental Mindoro considered as a first class municipality and the rice storage of the province.

The tribal people living in this place are called “Mangyan”. In the barangay where I used to stay, there is separate area where they live and it was named as “Noah”. The place was allocated only for Mangyans and given by the governor of Oriental Mindoro.

Montemayor is the name of the barangay where I used to stay. It’s been a year with the community and with the length of time I tried their “Pinagmamalaking Pagkain”, their best delicacies (please see my other blog Unique Taste of Naujan) and it’s a long time anyway, so I was able to explore the place at the same time.

Just within Barangay Montelago, I found the largest fresh lake in the municipality of Naujan and in the country, named as Lake Naujan.

Lake Naujan is also considered as top 5 of Philippines Largest Lakes. It has a surface area of 8,000 m2. The lake is the main feature of Naujan Lake National Park. The lake bounded the four municipalities of Naujan, Victoria, Socorro and Pola.  

Barangay Montelago is proud of their natural resources. They have this hot spring and it was named as Pungao Hot Spring. Because of this kind of resource, Emerging Power Inc., one of country’s leading energy companies was allowed to do Geothermal Plant in the area. It is now famous as Mindoro Geothermal Project. This is the main reason why I was able to stay in Mindoro. I was given the opportunity to work with the mentioned company. The company I’m in now, hired me as one of the engineers to be part of this nice project and we worked as a sub-con. This project is now on its exploration stage and I wish them success. 

30 minutes ride from Barangay Montelago, there’s the 333 Steps of Melgar. This place usually visited during Holy Week which is located in Barangay Melgar, Naujan and near at St. Joseph Chapel.

The Bancuro Ruin is located in Barangay Bancuro, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro. Another tourist spot of Naujan that is commonly known as Simbahan na Bato. It was built during early part of 17th century. The church was made from coralline stones and lime stones. The walls are now actually standing and being preserved, that is why there is a small church made from wood housed inside the ruin.

They have also this beach locally named as Little Bora. It is a white sand beach and a 45 minutes ride with a boat from Barangay Montemayor.

Buloc-Buloc Cove is another tourist spot in Naujan that is located in Barangay Montemayor.

Naujan is a municipality living in silence but there are many treasures that could offer. This town is really for every Juan. Thumbs up!

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