28 March 2017

Cebuđź“ŤTemple of Leah

One of the best for me about visiting Cebu City is that it has beauty both within the central district and even in provincial areas like adventures found in South Cebu; a good example is the Whale Shark in Oslob that you could see personally and swim with them and those whales are so lovely. If hugging them is not an offense I would love to hug them like teddy bear.

Exploring Cebu again for this year brought me to other places I never had been before. I actually visited Cebu last 2013 when I had my C.E. review for our board exam and I only visited one fourth of its lovely places. And each year as I keep on browsing my instagram account, reading some blogs and seeing that news feed on facebook, I’ve noticed that there are additional tourist spots that keep on sprouting like mushrooms in Cebu.

Just last 2016, Sirao Garden in Busay Cebu gave a flashed on instagram. Lovely photos taken at the garden give enthusiasm to tourist to explore Cebu more. And here comes a temple that’s now became famous as another tourist spot – The Temple of Leah.

Temple of Leah is an inspired Greek-Roman temple also found in Busay Cebu. And not just that, the temple was indeed built because of a great love. The temple is compare to Taj Mahal in India because like Taj Mahal the temple was built as a tribute to a loving wife. The temple was built in memory of late Leah Albino-Adarna the wife of Teodorico Adarna in his way of showing how he loved his wife Leah. There is a fifty pesos (50 Php) entrance fee in the temple which is open till 6 pm in the afternoon. The best time to visit the place is at 3pm – 4pm to witness the overlooking city lights of Cebu.

The common mode of transportation going to the temple is via a “Habal-Habal” from JY square with rate from 50 to 100 pesos depending on your negotiation. A cab or a taxi is another way which rate starts from eight hundred pesos (Php 800) from any point in the city. We were glad that we did not commute to get here, thanks to my father's cousin. This visit was also became the chance to know some of our relatives in Cebu that we haven't met way back.


Short and kind was our visit in this temple. I, my sister and my father were really happy to witness this. But above these all, I was so glad that apart from me and my sister being joyful with this trip; my father was the happiest in this travel because he was able to be with his relatives in Cebu that he saw long time before. This is another one of a kind travel journey.


  1. I've always wanted to visit this place. Despite having grown up in Cebu, this opened to the public after we moved. Huhu. Anyway, the architecture looks great from your photos.


    1. Hi Anne, thank you for visiting my blog hehe ^.^
      Yes the archi design actually looks great in person, though it's not yet completed.