26 March 2017

Baguio City📍Mt. Cloud Bookshop

I’m not a bookworm but I love books as much as it gives me leisure opportunity to go out on my shell for some time especially those times of overloads like workloads, life problems and love life. LOL!

Well I honestly attracted to books that gives inspiration, realization and God spoken words, they are amazing and helpful for me. Even love stories ahh… there pretty give me some “kilig moment” like books of Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks.

Talking about books and la la la stories why I pretty like them, this morning as I walked along upper session road here in Baguio City, my eyes were caught by a book store named Mt. Cloud Bookshop.

I entered and simply got rapt by its uniqueness. The bookshop has stories to tell for me my dear readers. It’s simple and accommodating. The area is small but covers the short story of Benguet. They have personalized notebooks that feature Filipino cultures. The books sold in the bookshop are mostly local books that means written by Filipino writers.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop is not merely a “book store” but a gift shop as well. They sell bags, t-shirts and key chains. Visit them at Casa Vallejo Bldg, DPS Compound Access Road, Baguio, Benguet 2600.

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