08 March 2017

Cheers for 25 Years and Beyond

When I was younger I thought to myself, life would be the best if I grow older. But reality check, when life goes on and on, it throws me different challenges like yours.

I got disappointed and failures are always part of my journey. I tried to smile and lift myself every time I'm down. No choice, because I really have to. It's not easy but keeping the faith and with a strong heart are the keys. On my 25 years of existence, life is never been that friendly but apparently a journey through every rough road and even to a smooth path lead me to more learnings and taught me how to drive my own car in a wise and humble ways.

Praise God ­čĹć He never give up on me and thanks to Him He give me another year to live. Circle of ups and downs like ferries wheel in an amusement park my journey maybe, the important thing of all those milestones and like sweet cake moment I had is that I've learned more. Learning I pondered and live the most in my 25 years are ...

Travel. Travel. Travel

There are many beautiful places to travel. So why do travel, travel, travel!!! Cherish the moment if you have the chance to travel because it is one of the best things that teaches me a lot, not only learning something new about myself but as well travelling teaches me more about other people and their cultures. To travel means to explore and discover new things.

Equate Travel to Work

I admit traveling could be too expensive. From fare alone - plane tickets or even paying for a motorcycle so I can reach the place I want, money has a vital role. That's why I equate Travel Travel Travel to Work Work Work.  Aside from saving for the future, I work in order to travel.

Always Never Give Up

Failure is normal. Failure is heart breaking. But I never just stop because I failed; because if I do that's mean I lose the game. I always try until I succeed. I don't mind if I fail a hundred times at least I know to myself I never give up. Real challenge starts when we fail.

So never stop chasing what you want especially when it comes to your dreams.

Love the Hardest Way

This means loving someone unconditionally. 'Cause believe me there comes time in your life that you never know you already did loving someone beyond your limits...unexpectedly it's all just happen. And YES I believe God allow it to happen for some great reasons. This also means trusting God's right time.

Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget, indeed the hardest thing to do. 
Circumstances come that I have to forgive and forget even though I'm the one the most broken, because by then I can learn how to leave the past, move forward and face what really in-store for me.

Life is a Matter of Choice

Life is not the path we should take; life is the path we choose for ourselves. 

True! Choices make us. That's why when I make decisions I have to balance the pros and cons like everybody does. Weighing which do you "think" not merely what do you "feel" because feelings are deceiving sometimes. If thinking a thousand times is a must then I'll take it, plus praying to God for the best result.

Spend Time with Love Ones

Life is too short. I realized I should never forget to spend time to those important people in my life especially with my parents. 

Let go of Toxic People

Toxic people - these people I really don't like, so in order not to ruin my life with negativities, better never mind them. I think the only best revenge to this crazy kind of people is "to kill them with kindness". 

Learn to Let Go even those Good Friends

For some reasons, though it's quite hard I have to let go even good people in my life, especially when it really for their own good. I may miss them a lot but if it's all for their own happiness and growth, I let it. 

Anyone has the Capacity to Hurt Us

Even the simplest person on earth has the capacity to hurt us. This is an eye opener to me as I'm taking my road to 25th. I never thought I've experienced this one, hurt by a person I trusted the most. Who is as simple as I ever imagined, maybe as part of God's plan and His way to open my eyes about the reality of this life. 

Anyone could hurt us in any possible ways we can't imagine, because sometimes this life may be rude.

Everyone Commits Mistake. No one is perfect.

No one is perfect, only the word "Perfect" is perfect.

We are people surrounded by so much temptation. What a worldly surroundings we have! 

We are not God and God allows mistakes for us to grow and to be smarter. Mistakes teach us in many different ways. It may be in a difficult manner or circumstances; the important thing in all is that we learn to accept it, learn from it and change for good. 

Collect Memories not Things

Material things could give us happiness YES, but only TEMPORARY. 

As my age is running to the end of calendar days, I love to say I'm happy collecting memories than material things. I couldn't touch it like a branded bags or shoes but it stays in my mind and heart. It all stays there forever. 


  1. Happy birthday March-ang babaeng mosmile bsan nalimot sa name sa iyang gismilelan.

  2. Love reading this entry March! Yes, God never gives up on us. People or circumstances may hurt or disappoint us at some point in our lives but He never will and He surely has the best plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). Enjoy! <3

    1. God is always the perfect person we can lend on. He is the most loving and merciful above all, who never leaves us in times of trouble. Thank you Jansell for the lovely comment and for the verse ;) May God Bless You!