07 October 2016

7 Day Nature Photo Challenge

Social media nowadays has great impact on influencing users in so many different ways. As many as those who believes that social media places dirty thoughts to both young and adults and even uses it for others bad agendas and attempts like scams and fake advertisements of products and agencies. I believe it has a positive implications and impacts as well. Good humors, happy thoughts, inspirations, aspirations, Holy Scriptures, adventures, natures and talents are also featured in what we are so in now the “Social Media” and to name some of it; Facebook and IG (Instagram) are two of the famous.

Have you heard the make-up transformation? It got viral a few months ago on facebook even in twitter and in Instagram. It is a good example of good humours that aspires us to go out in our shell and try something new.

Also the PAP song that goes viral recently. The song goes like this “I have a pen, I have an apple, apple pen” Haha for me, the song really sounds crazy but when we heard the lines even we already knew it’s non- sense, it makes us laugh. It is somewhat becomes a stress reliever. Many made their dumb of the song and made any funny dodge to make the song much funnier.

Photo challenges became renowned as well in facebook these includes photo of bible verse challenge, husband and wife perfect bonding challenge and nature photo challenge. I am one of the victims that been challenged by a friend in facebook and the challenged goes like this:

- Name of the place and Location
- Tag a friend and challenge him/her to do the same challenge you were also being challenged
- Notify the friend who tag you to do the challenge
- State the guidelines of the challenge

The following are my entries for the said Seven Day Nature Challenge that I visited:

1.) Sunset of La Fraternidad, Agusan del Norte
2.) Taal Lake, Tagaytay City
3.) Mayon  Volcano, Legazpi Albay
4.) Milusok River, Quezon Bukidnon
5.) Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
6.) Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera
7.) Lake Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

Sunset of La Fraternidad, Agusan del Norte

Taal Lake, Tagaytay City

Mayon  Volcano, Legazpi Albay

Milusok River, Quezon Bukidnon

Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad Benguet

Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera

Lake Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

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