22 August 2018

Malacca Cityđź“ŤFirst International Solo Travel & Photo Diary

As commonly thought, “Some things happen unexpectedly”. Indeed it came out to be for my first solo travel outside my native land, by traveling the historical and colorful city of Malacca. It is true that traveling SOLO outside Philippines is clearly listed on my bucket list but it is not supposedly this 2018. But, to tell you I never regretted this unexpected adventure in Malacca. I will not write down everything here those reasons because it would take forever to tackle on this blog.

The most important thing now is that the journey I had in the place was an eye opener for me. It thought me a lot of lessons personally and of course about real life. So, if you are still with me on this venture; seatback, relax and enjoy reading the pictures and stories of what my journey looks like in the colorful city of Malacca.

Brief Facts

Malacca City is a small city in the country of Malaysia. The city was considered as one of UNESCO’s Heritage Town.  Malacca is also spelled out as Melaka. Its well known street is named Jonker.  Portuguese, Chinese and India’s are the main locals. The city has this old town and new town. The old town is where the historical structures located including the museums; and also the touristiest compare to their new town. The new town is where the new buildings are, like the new hotels and commercial buildings.

How I got there?

This solo travel departed in Singapore and if you ask me how I was able to get there? Chill! I will write down below in detail the process how I got there from Singapore.

My trip was become easy with the help of some blogs I’ve read and of course with the help of Mr. Google. I booked everything online at easybook.com; from the website, you can choose what type of transportation you want to take and the availability of those modes of transportation to your destinations.

I took a bus from Singapore to Malacca for SGD 24.80 to be exact; amount including insurance and admin cost. The terms and conditions about the travel are clearly stated in the ticket which should be printed, keep and show on the actual travel date after the payment has been confirmed.  I used my MasterCard to pay the bus ticket in easybook.com. The ticket is non refundable.

For the bus I booked, all passengers were required to gather at Singapore City Plaza in Geylang Road. The departed location and exact place for arrival are also stated upon booking. The actual travel time is about 5 hours including immigration processing, which took the long time because of some evaluations.

From 8:30 am as the time of departure, I arrived in Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal around 1 pm in the afternoon. By then, that’s the start of my discovery in Malacca City.

Where I stayed?

Easy booking in AIRbnb gives me no hassle and also always gives me plenty of choices to stay. I booked my accommodation in AIRbnb for my Malacca trip. As mentioned, NO HASSLE! I could choose from the cheapest to the expensive one and paid directly using MasterCard. I could also talk to the accommodation owner or crew directly through AIRbnb chats and discuss about my estimated time of arrival, my departed locations and also could negotiate with them too.

So far, I have no problem using AIRbnb, so I am recommending it on this blog for easy finding of your accommodations for your next travel goals. You can also checkout Traveloka and Booking.com.

 Places to Visit and Things to do

The idea of visiting Malacca City was because of a blog I read which is own and written brilliantly by a talented Mindanawon, who I am proud to mention here and surprisingly my school mates. I won’t mention the named for confidentiality but her successful blog is named The Wandering Dreamer. Her nice captured pictures and interesting stories pushed me to pursue exploring Malacca City this year, because why not?

The places I visited are I think are good places for you to visit too. The following pictures are also featured on my Instagram account, so if you followed me there you already have the insight. All tourist spots are placed not too far from each other, so if you are fun of walking and enjoy the scenic through walking, I highly recommend that. In all fairness and honestly, I had the guts to explore the city of Malacca by walking alone with my one liter bottled water and my camera lens is on.

Christ Church Melaka
This is a protestant church in Malacca City’s old town which is also the oldest church in the city. The church was built in a Dutch Colonial Architectural design. The floors of the church also incorporate various tombstones with Portuguese and Armenian inscriptions used as paving blocks. Memorial plaques in Dutch, Armenian and English also adorn the interior of the church.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
 This temple is the most famous Chinese temple in Malacca as per my observation, I guess because of its architectures and unique story. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is properly located at Jalan Tolong Malacca City. This was built in 1645 by Kapitan Lee Wei King with building materials imported from China. The temple until these days served as the main place to worship for the local Hoklo community.

Colorful Kapung Portugis Wall Art
      Malacca has flocks of gorgeous and colorful wall arts but this one along the street Kapung Portugis is one of the most instagrammable wall arts. My attention was also caught by the wall art.

Visit the Ferries Wheel along River Side
I know ferries wheel is just a simple and common icon, but forgive me ‘coz guys I found this ferries wheel catchy while I had my walking along the river side when I was too desperate to find my accommodation. Because, hey smart me, I have a phone with no load so I cannot use google map. But thank God I was able to do it because of the screened shot map I had when I was still in Singapore and also by asking locals. Of course, I was too picky to person I want to ask for locations or something. I usually asked to a guard. Not to brag, I always make friends when I travel. But what I did is not advisable. When you travel outside the country, it is better to set aside budget for pocket wifi, which you could bring where ever you go.

This ferries Wheel is inside the small amusement park along the river side.

Take a Picture with the Statue Man in Gold
I was seated at the park in front of the Christ Church Melaka, when I noticed this funny Statue Man which I want to call him. He was there wearing in gold, standing yet catch tourists and give him some tip. I was also tricked by him and yah lean some tip to have some picture LOL!

Experience the River Cruise
 The long river of Malacca is one of the main highlights in their old town. This is where the whole stretch of the riverside has cafĂ©s and houses with colorful wall arts; and they are better captured when you experience the River Cruise. Ride fee is around 18 RM with tour guide.

Visit St. Francis Xavier Church
 The Church of St. Francis Xavier is a Roman Catholic Church which is a walking distance from the Church Christ Melaka a protestant church. The church was built in 1856 by a French priest, Father Farve.

Take a Walk along Jonker Street
 Malacca is really a small city so it is a shame if you can’t take a walk along Jonker Street. This street is the busiest and the well known as the famous street in the heart of Malacca’s old town; because especially during weekends the whole stretch of Jonker Street is open for flea markets.

Visit the Maritime Museum
 Melaka Maritime Museum was built in a form and shape of a ship. The museum is open from Monday to Thursday only around 9am to 5pm. The museum houses exhibits, artifact and documents from the golden era of Malacca and shows how political control of Malacca was essential to the establishment of maritime dominance in the region; and most importantly displays the trading link of Malacca from the early time.

Eat Chicken Rice Ball
 Even on its small size, Malacca’s local and famous Chicken Rice Ball is a must to eat. The food looks very simple, like a small round ball of rice but mind you when you eat it is really delicious. You can taste all the spices and the chicken without noticing its grain.

Visit St. Paul’s Church
 St. Paul’s Church in Malacca is a Catholic Church located uphill to what they famously known as St. Paul Hill, a walking distance from Christ Church Melaka. This Catholic Church was used by Saint Francis Xavier as his base area for his missionary journeys to China and Japan.

Ride Malacca’s Colorful and Loud Tourist Bikes
 Another way to get around the old town of Malacca is through bikes. The bikes mentioned here are decorated with colorful flowers and others with stuff toys like hello kitty and other colorful bits and pieces that add those bikes catchy feels. The bikes also come with loud speakers that played in enthusiastic music. 

Visit Melaka Straights Mosque
 Visiting Melaka Straights Mosque was what I did last. It was surprisingly tiring. I thought the mosque was just too near in the old town where my accommodation resides, but all my sweat came out before I reached the mosque. For me all the exhaustion I had that time were all worth it. I highly recommend visiting the mosque if you want extra unique experience and view in Malacca City. It is located quite distance from the old town so better take a cab for around 8 to 10 RM.

Don’t Forget to Try Their Sweet & Spicy Local Foods

Visit the Historical Jalan Istana

Visit the Magjid Kampung Hulu

_________ . ________

My stay in Malacca which I could say, one of the most challenging and self reconnecting journey I had so far. It is true that sometimes in our life’s journey the most simple and unexpected are the most remarkable. This is again for me a wonderful journey to be compiled on this blog. I am happy to share it with you. I hope you liked it and give you some idea about the little and colorful town of Malacca.

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