05 May 2018

Trilogy Hike in Rizal

I always been into hiking adventure. If a friend ask me to do a Hike my reply would be  a big fat YES!

11 March 2018

La Union 📍Surfing Experience in San Juan

“ELYU? Ano yun?” haha I thought to myself. Only to find out “L.U” or “ELYU” is the millennial term for La Union. But anyways, hearing those terms gave me an idea to visit San Juan La Union to tick off one of my bucket lists which is learning and try SURFING! Isn’t it exciting? Because for me that made me so excited and happy!

08 March 2018

My 26th Year Begins Today

There are things in life that are beyond our control. As for me, if I couldn’t handle it I let God in control and be in- charged, BE THE CAPTAIN! Siya naman talaga ang may control ng lahat, that is why in every decision I make, I pray to Him to help me always and to come up with good and right decisions.

05 February 2018

Cambodia📍Tonle Sap Lake

Great things in Cambodia never stop in their famous Angkor Wat and giant elephants. If you want something unique to do in the city of Siem Reap Cambodia exploring Tonle Sap Lake would be great.

28 January 2018

Cambodia📍Angkor Wat’s Playful and Lovely Side

Cambodia is famous because of their unique temples and elephants. Temple and elephants are two of the best I wanted to see in person in Cambodia and their famous Angkor Wat was first on my list. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world which could be seen in their national flag. The name Angkor Wat means "City of Temples", the name that made me so curious about the place and so eager to visit. I was still in my college year when I heard about Angkor Wat and when I read articles about this place, I promised to myself I will visit the place once I earned enough money to travel the country.